Monthly Archives: October 2017

Understanding Chiropractic & Alignment

This podcast our docs go in depth to understanding the 5 parts of the subluxation complex, the neurological implications of misalignment’s and the impact on a wide range of health issues.

Freakishly Healthy Kids

Chiropractic care is a secret weapon for parents wanting to avoid doctors visits!

The docs outline “the perfect storm” of events that often lead to the most common childhood health issues that parents have to deal with.

ADHD – Effective Solutions

In this episode, the docs review the chiropractic approach to helping ADHD without the use of medication.

What to Eat to Stay in Ketosis

This episode is a follow up to our first ketogenic podcast. Listen for practical ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

We are joined by Chef Heather and Colin who are experts in preparing ketogenic food.