Innate Intelligence

Chiropractors have long recognized that your body has the ability to run itself and heal without conscious thought. This innate intelligence is transmitted over your central nervous system. This episode goes through examples of your body’s innate intelligence at work.

One thought on “Innate Intelligence

  1. You have described my outlook concerning health. I do believe that God created our bodies to heal themselves. I am completely against taking medications and will try to do everything possible to avoid it. Of course I have been sick. I think our environment and the air we breathe also has a lot to do with our health the toxins from vehicles , factories all have an affect. on our bodies. I take the supplements you recommend and have for some years in addition I have also researched and I do take iodine. I take CQ 10 to off set a station I take. I do not like sweet drinks my drink of choice is water occasionally I like hibiscus tea steeped with cinnamon . I think your podcast is right on.

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